Preferred Partners

Promark Business Solutions

Promark Business Solutions is located in Red Deer and offers affordable websites for small businesses. Their services include Design, Hosting, Email, Monthly Maintenance and Backups, Updates, SSL, and Basic On-Page SEO. Having a website is important for any business as most people look online to find the service or product that they are searching for, and where the best location is to find it. You want to be sure that your website shows your business in the best possible light. You can see more examples of their work at

Pendragon Solutions

Specializing in the Development of Small Businesses. Phil & Kirsty Duncan moved from the Southwest of England to Red Deer, Alberta in 2014. Phil and Kirsty have been together since 2003 and met playing Judo! They got married in 2008. They created their company; Pendragon Solutions Ltd in 2017, giving them the ability to bring their business skills and international experience to the Central Alberta market. Since then, the business has grown and taken the opportunity to work with local companies across a wide variety of sectors including; nutrition, massage, real estate, hairdressing, food services, dry cleaning, construction & renovation, non-profits, IT, home inspection services, driver training schools and international networking groups. Learn more at

Freedom Nutrition Coaching

When I founded Freedom Nutrition Coaching, I said forget all the flashy, fad BS.  My approach to fat loss is simple, effective, and founded on time-tested, scientifically validated principles. No quick-fix scams. No overpriced garbage supplements. No restrictive fad diets. No endless cardio. No belly wraps or Vaseline rubs. None of that works.  If it did, people wouldn’t be dropping $200 billion a year on it. Here’s the thing.  Fat loss doesn’t actually have to suck.  Crazy, I know, right? You know you can actually lose fat and still live a reasonably normal life? I can save you from the frustration and confusion of uncertainty that is all too common in this age of too much information, not enough help.  Together, we create an optimal plan for your body, so you can spend more time focusing on the fun stuff that being healthy allows you to do! Y’know, like climbing Kilimanjaro or Scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef, or Cycling the mountains of France.  Learn more at