Senior RMT’s

(Over 2 years experience with a minimum 3 additional modalities)

We at Milestones Massage Co. understand that as your career as an RMT progresses, your goals and priorities change.

We understand that experience counts; that having a loyal, established client base that comes across difficult time slots is valuable; that you have done extra courses and you are likely to do more to expand the services you offer; that you earned the right to some flexibility in your schedule; to be paid more; to have a “Senior RMT” title and that you have advice and thoughts that should be heard.

If you are interested in sub-contracting with an established, progressive, respected, therapist friendly company who ‘gets it’, come and have a coffee and a chat with Marissa to see what being part of the Milestones team could mean to you.


Junior RMT’s

(Have 2200 hours and less than 2 years in the field)

Congratulations on following your passion and becoming a massage therapist! Getting started can be a little daunting but not if you start at MMC. At Milestones Massage Co. our core purpose is to create an unparalleled experience not just for our guests but for our therapists too.

An unparalleled experience for you, the therapist, is having someone you can go to who cares about you and the business you are working on. That person is me! I have developed systems and procedures to ensure we set you up for repeat clients. I work closely with you on your numbers to make sure you are maximizing your potential and not missing out on what could be. I see where you might be needing assistance (getting that request client, getting someone rebooked etc.) and work with you on an individual basis. My business succeeds when your business succeeds!

I am very proud of the business we have created and am very excited to expand and be the best clinic Red Deer has ever seen! In order to do that I need therapists who are confident about their current massage skills, passionate about the career they have chosen and ready to build the business they have always wanted under the leadership and support I am able to give as a therapist of 23 years and business owner of 17. If this sounds like you, if the above sounds like the kind of place you would like to be part of then don’t delay!

Let’s get started today and make a difference.

Call or text me at (403)352-9402 or email at