About Us


Marissa Willard

Owner and Registered Massage Therapist

Marissa began her massage career in 1996 after attending the Foothills College of Massage Therapy in Calgary. At that time, Alberta did not offer a 2200-hour program so Marissa got the most available, 1000 hours. Massage therapy was the only career Marissa ever wanted and still, after 23 years she cannot think of anything else she would rather do. Over the years Marissa has taken numerous courses including LaStone Therapy, Prenatal Massage and Myofascial Cupping (which is by far her favorite!) and loves both therapeutic and relaxation massages and what they can do for her clients.

In 2003, she decided to take what knowledge she had (none!) and open Milestones Spa. After 15 years, she knew it was time to follow her passion of massage therapy and refocus her business on offering just that. Milestones Massage Co. opened in September of 2018 and Marissa couldn’t be happier with the switch. Now massage therapy is still part of her every day but so is working closely with her team to ensure they meet their core purpose: to create an unparalleled experience for both guests and staff. When she is not massaging, working reception or doing books, Marissa is at home enjoying time with her three kids, a ten-year-old boy and 4-year-old boy/girl twins and going on very short, slow walks with her 16-year-old Golden Retriever. Never a dull moment!


Jade David

Registered Massage Therapist

Jade studied at the Alberta Institute of Massage Therapy and graduated with 2200 hours in May 2018 with honors. Jade has an incredible passion for helping her clients relax, heal and recover and would love to be a part of your wellness journey. Jade has a firm pressure with a smooth, even flow and uses techniques to stretch the muscle fibers when needed to enhance muscle relaxation, range of motion and rehabilitation. Jade performs a combination of Myofascial Release, PNF stretching and traditional Swedish massage techniques during her treatments. She strives to customize each treatment to fit your needs. Experienced in Relaxation and Therapeutic massage, she also has pre and post-natal training to help the wellness of women through each trimester and improve the tissue health of new moms. Jade believes massage therapy is beneficial for everyone and is looking forward to being a part of your path to health and wellness.


Sydney Doan

Registered Massage Therapist

Sydney graduated with 2200 hours from the Alberta Institute of Massage in 2018 and is eager to continue expanding her massage education. With a passion for health and fitness, Sydney prides herself in delivering an exceptional massage to every client by customizing to their individual needs. Relaxation, deep tissue, hot stone, prenatal massage and soon, myofascial cupping are all part of her repertoire. She enjoys incorporating a mix of therapeutic and relaxation techniques for a relaxing and rejuvenating massage to relieve muscle tightness.